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Go from aspiring writer to published author.

We know the writer’s life because we’re writers ourselves. Our coaches meld creative best practices with the realities of the publishing world to create a practical roadmap to meet your creative goals. Let us guide you from bright idea to published product.


We have a 5-star rating on Google


I absolutely love this company and especially my coach. She is so enthusiastic and insightful. I really feel like I have a champion in my corner. Plus it keeps me committed to my weekly writing goals to have to prepare every two weeks when we meet. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Hewes House has re-invented the way I approach my writing. I've been trying finish a fiction novel for years. Now, because of Hewes House, I'm convinced that I'll get my book published that it will exceed all my previous expectations.

Henry Adams famously said that a teacher can never tell where his influence stops, and surely that is also true for an editor. My own developmental editor has repeatedly astonished me by expanding my capabilities as a writer, and each of the manuscripts I have been able to compose have benefited enormously from his influence and hard work on the first two. The beta-reader at Hewes House made multiple actionable suggestions about one of my other manuscripts, and I was astonished at how spot-on her suggestions had been. They’ve both brought me a pride in the ways I know that I’ve improved as a writer as a result of their help.

- Chris H.

 - Rob B.

 - Zachary G. 


Roadmap for Authors

Start from the beginning or anywhere in between



Whether you've already developed an outline or have been thinking about writing your book for years, Hewes House writing coaches will help you plan your work (or plan to pants!) to save time down the line.



Finish your first draft, then learn to revise into subsequent versions with our experienced book coaches. Learn the elements of craft as you work. We've written books from start to finish and have helped our clients do the same.


Agent Pitch

Once you've written and revised, learn to craft the perfect agent pitch. If traditional publishing isn't your goal, we can advise on other paths; the wide range of our experience means your roadmap is tailored to you.



Congratulations! You're a published author! Now what? Hewes House writing coaches can guide you through life after publication; gearing up for new prospects and revisiting missed connections are part of our purview.

Our Founder, Josh Boardman, discusses the role of outside help in your project.

  • English Language Arts (ELA)
    We offer personalized instruction in English Language Arts, tailoring our approach to each student's unique needs and learning style, ensuring they develop a strong foundation in reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.
  • AP Language & Literature
    Our AP Language & Literature tutors are tailored to help students master the art of persuasive writing, literary analysis, and effective communication, setting them up for success in college and future endeavors.
  • Grammar
    Our grammar tutors provide targeted instruction in the fundamentals of English grammar, helping students develop a solid understanding of sentence structure, punctuation, and mechanics.
  • Creative Writing
    We offer dynamic creative writing tutoring sessions that focus on the elements of storytelling, character development, and descriptive language, nurturing students' creativity and self-expression.
  • History
    We offer engaging history tutoring sessions that focus on critical thinking, primary source analysis, and historical research skills, preparing students for success in their history courses and beyond.
  • Social Studies
    Our social studies writing tutors guide students in crafting compelling arguments, analyzing historical events, and articulating their thoughts on complex social issues, empowering them to become confident and persuasive writers.
  • Humanities
    Our humanities tutoring program empowers students to become skilled writers, critical thinkers, and effective communicators, fostering a deep appreciation for the power of language and the art of persuasion across various disciplines.
  • College Admissions Essays
    Our college essay tutors are experienced admissions professionals who provide personalized guidance to help students craft compelling, authentic narratives that showcase their unique qualities and experiences.
  • Contemporary & Upmarket
    Explore the complexities of modern life and the human condition in these character-driven stories. Our coaching services help you craft compelling narratives that resonate with today's readers.
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy
    Embark on otherworldly adventures and push the boundaries of imagination. We guide you in worldbuilding, creating universe-specific systems, and developing captivating speculative fiction.
  • Mystery
    Unravel intricate puzzles and keep readers guessing until the final revelation. Our coaches assist you in planting subtle clues, constructing clever red herrings, and crafting satisfying conclusions.
  • Romance
    Ignite passion and capture the essence of love in your stories. We help you develop swoon-worthy heroes, create sizzling chemistry between characters, and navigate the emotional arcs of your romantic tales.
  • Historical
    Transport readers to another time and place with richly detailed and accurately portrayed historical settings. Our coaching services support you in conducting thorough research, capturing the zeitgeist of the era, and weaving compelling narratives.
  • Thriller & Horror
    Tap into the primal fears that lurk within us all and create horror novels that probe the depths of human terror, from the supernatural to the all-too-real. Our coaching services help you master the techniques of the genre, from creating a growing sense of unease to delivering truly horrifying payoffs, leaving your readers double-checking the locks and questioning every bump in the night.
  • Children's & Young Adult
    Engage young readers with whimsical adventures, relatable characters, and age-appropriate themes. We guide you in crafting stories that captivate the imagination and foster a lifelong love of reading.
  • Literary
    Delve into the depths of the human experience through thought-provoking and artfully crafted prose. Our coaches help you hone your unique voice, experiment with innovative storytelling techniques, and create works of enduring literary merit.
  • Short Stories
    Master the art of concise storytelling and leave a lasting impact on readers. We assist you in crafting powerful, self-contained narratives that pack an emotional punch within a limited word count.
  • Memoir
    Share your personal journey and life experiences with authenticity and vulnerability. Our coaching services guide you in structuring your narrative, exploring pivotal moments, and crafting a compelling memoir that resonates with readers.
  • Self Help & Inspirational
    Empower and motivate readers to improve their lives and reach their full potential. We help you develop actionable strategies, incorporate engaging anecdotes, and create a transformative reading experience.
  • Entrepreneurship
    Establish your position as a thought leader and innovator in your industry. Our coaches help you share your unique insights, strategies, and experiences to educate and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs, while solidifying your authority and credibility within your field.
  • Research & Academic
    Contribute to the advancement of knowledge in your field with researched scholarly works. We support you in organizing your research, providing accountability, and adhering to the conventions of academic writing.
  • Creative Nonfiction & Essays
    Craft powerful, concise narratives that explore a single theme or idea with depth and clarity. Our coaches help you hone your writing skills to create engaging, thought-provoking essays that leave a lasting impact on readers in a limited word count.
  • Screenwriting
    Master the art of visual storytelling and create captivating scripts that "save the cat" and keep audiences engaged from the first page to the final fade out. Our coaches help you navigate the unique challenges of screenwriting, from crafting compelling characters to structuring your narrative for maximum impact.
  • Playwriting
    Master the art of dramatic storytelling and create plays that engage and inspire audiences. We guide you through the intricacies of playwriting, helping you develop dynamic characters, structure your narrative for maximum impact, and craft powerful moments that resonate long after the curtain falls.
  • Poetry
    Let your words take flight and create poetry that soars beyond the ordinary, pushing the boundaries of language and imagination. We assist you in exploring the limitless possibilities of poetic expression, from crafting hauntingly beautiful imagery to experimenting with unconventional forms and structures.
  • Graphic Novels
    Marry the power of visual storytelling with the depth of the written word to create immersive narratives that leap off the page. Our coaches help you navigate the unique challenges of crafting graphic novels, from developing compelling characters and storylines to collaborating with artists to bring your vision to life.
  • Comics
    Dive into the world of sequential art and create comics that push the boundaries of the medium, exploring new ways to tell stories and engage audiences. Our coaching services help you hone your skills in character development, world-building, and visual narrative, empowering you to create comics that will make readers laugh, cry, and everything in between – all while secretly plotting world domination, one panel at a time.

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