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Your voice is your currency. Invest wisely.

In a world saturated with one-size-fits-all AI tools, professionals have to work harder to stand out. Learn how to utilize the tools at your disposal while honing in on your specific field’s needs alongside our experienced writing coaches.

Blurred Business People

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As a public relations professional, I spend most of my days writing, re-writing, and reviewing materials and repetition can sometimes rob you of creativity. Hewes House has been an invaluable partner in helping me sharpen my writing muscle and their detailed, thoughtful, and insightful feedback. My peers have noticed my change in approach and style, and wanted to know my secret. Everyone needs an editor...and my secret is Hewes House.

 - Gabrielle R.


Custom Classes &

Team Workshops

Are you a manager looking for personalized writing instruction for your team? Book a no-commitment consultation call with our company Founder to discuss a program designed for your specific industry. Packages starting at $595,

1:1 coaching from just $95/hr.

We serve the highest quality writing support in the following industries, among many more:

Real Estate

Public Relations

Interior Design

Public Sector

Schedule your free consultation call to discuss our industry-specific support

Our Founder, Josh Boardman, chats about the use of AI as your specialized writing tool.

4 Session Professional Writing Course

A four-session introductory course where you will master the basics of professional writing. While workshopping a industry-specific project, your professional writing coach will guide you or your team through a variety of foundational topics.​

  • Written Correspondence

  • Organizational Thinking

  • How to Use AI Tools

  • Common Pitfalls

  • Tone, Style, & Voice

Our coaches have appeared in:

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