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Pricing and Packages

Our tiered hourly rates reflect the level of experience our coaches have attained over time. At the higher rates, coaches boast extensive experience and expertise, anticipating problems our clients typically encounter during their process, while our more affordable rates offer coaches with fresh perspectives dedicated to nurturing your skills.

Save up to 20%. Discounted hourly rates now available for multiple-session packages.



$95/hr (10-hour package)

$110/hr (5-hour package)

$120/hr (pay as you go)

Associate coaches have independent experience, but are new to Hewes House.



$120/hr (10-hour package)

$140/hr (5-hour package)

$150/hr (pay as you go)

Professional coaches have experience to provide structured guidance and support.



$160/hr (10-hour package)

$185/hr (5-hour package)

$200/hr (pay as you go)

Directors, our most experienced coaches, offer the highest level of support.


Pre-designed curriculums with a fixed number of sessions provide a fast path to achieving your writing goals. Contact us today to hear more about these packages, or work with our coaches to build your own curriculum.

Professional Writing Course

A four-session introductory course during which you will master the basics of professional writing. While workshopping an industry-specific project, your professional writing coach will guide you or your team through a variety of foundational topics.

College Essay Writing Package

Capture the power of your personal narrative over four sessions with our Personalized College Essay Course, designed exclusively for high school juniors and seniors seeking to craft compelling college essays. This program will culminate in a polished draft of your college essay.

Corporate Workshops

Work with our founder to craft a custom workshop for your team. Over two or more extended sessions, we can build the core skills your team members need to succeed in business. By focusing on your team's needs, our tailored approach to interactive workshops will be sure to help you meet your goals.

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